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Our medical devices group offers unrivalled expertise, and our cross-disciplinary teams of senior attorneys provide trusted counsel to our clients.

We guide our clients through EPO oppositions and appeals with a depth of insight gained from long experience of the medical devices sector. We have a proven track record of success in acting in and controlling the conduct of EPO oppositions to defend key patents and flagship products.

We manage large portfolios of patents and provide expert paralegal support and seamless IT interfaces to minimise administrative effort and cost.

We understand the unique challenges of this sector, whether they arise from regulatory constraints, the challenges of product clearance (so-called “FTO”) in a crowded field, or from the patent eligibility of medical methods at the EPO. This deep technical and commercial understanding of the sector has made us trusted advisors to established market leaders and disruptive start-ups alike.

Industry experiences

As a market-leading centre of excellence, we have a number of distinct and separate teams specialising in different areas of the medical devices sector. Our technical expertise includes:

  • Surgical robotics and electrosurgical devices
  • Devices for minimally invasive surgery and device deployments such as catheters, guidewires, and endoscopes
  • Stents and drug eluting stents including materials, surface treatment and coating techniques and drug compositions for drug eluting stents
  • Other implantable devices, bone and suture anchors, electrical stimulation devices, heart valves, and filters
  • Wound care, dressings, and medical adhesives
  • Drug delivery systems, and pharmaceutical packaging
  • Diagnostic devices and systems including in vivo and in vitro analyte monitoring systems
  • Dental appliances, and dental imaging
  • Intraocular lenses, and corrective ocular surgery
  • Medical imaging systems and techniques, including image processing and computer vision
  • Computer-implemented technology for use in medical applications, such as software for bioinformatics, drug discovery, and the modelling of molecular interactions
  • Artificial intelligence systems for medical training, diagnostics and disease modelling

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The medical devices sector is one of the most fast-paced and innovative sectors at present as developments in technology, engineering and biomedicine combine to create new possibilities.

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