Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys Munich, Germany

The beautiful city of Munich is the perfect base for our German team of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys.

In July 2019, Dr Gerold Fiesser, one of Germany’s leading Patent Attorneys, joined Mathys & Squire IP Firm in Munich with his clients and a team from the German IP firm Herzog Fiesser & Partner Patentanwälte, which he co-founded in 2010. The Munich team's extensive experience and close proximity to the European Patent Office, the German Patent & Trade Mark Office and the German Federal Patent Court will hugely benefit Mathys & Squire’s UK and international client base.

Mathys & Squire has had a significant presence in Europe for some time and the Munich office works seamlessly with our teams across the UK and in Paris and Luxembourg. After Brexit, a recognised expertise within the EU is crucial to serve our clients worldwide.

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