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Working with clients in this sector requires more than just advanced technical knowledge. Our telecoms team has built an enviable reputation in our understanding of industry standards and the commercial impact that these can have on our clients. We routinely advise on GSM, 3G, 3GPP, 4G, LTE and 5G technology.

The group has extensive experience acting as preferred UK and European providers of patent drafting and prosecution services for clients in both the mobile communication and telecommunications sectors.

We routinely handle the full breadth of subject matter related to mobile technologies and devices, including:

  • networking;
  • infrastructure;
  • systems architecture;
  • data processing;
  • data transmission (including encryption and signal conditioning);
  • error correction;
  • applications;
  • and user interfaces.

Our telecoms group includes several computer scientists and others with extensive practical knowledge of operating systems and computer architectures.

We are the sole European patent attorneys for a global leader in networking technologies, handling their entire UK and European patent portfolios, routinely securing granted applications at the UK Intellectual Property Office and European Patent Office.

Expert IP advice and guidance for the telecoms sector

We’ll provide you with insightful patent advice to suit your business. Our highly experienced partners will give you practical advice to ensure that your rights get maximum protection.

We work hard to align ourselves with your commercial goals ensuring that the protection we fight for falls in line with your business growth and innovation. Whether you are local or international, contact Mathys & Squire today. We will help you and your business on the journey to success.

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Working with some of the world’s largest telecoms providers, we protect some of the cutting edge technologies that have built the sector.

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