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Food & beverage – patent & trade mark attorneys

Our dedicated sector group has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. The industry continues to respond to new government guidelines and targets while meeting consumer expectations, as well as forming production methods which are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We understand the challenges faced by companies in this highly competitive market and use our expertise in intellectual property law to help them with expert patent and trademark attorneys. 

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Food & beverage intellectual property protection

We are proud to work with a broad range of global clients in the food and drink sector, from startups to SMEs and large multinational brands.

We help our clients to grow their ideas, protecting their cutting-edge innovative technology and developing tailored IP strategies that align with their long-term commercial goals and ambitions. Our team has a vast range of expertise in patenting and trademarking, which means whatever your product, we can advise on every aspect of the process through to market. We have particular expertise in:

  • flavourings
  • coating compositions
  • baked products
  • cooking compositions
  • seasoning blends
  • chewing gum compositions
  • microencapsulation of food ingredients
  • preparation of agricultural products
  • natural oils isolation
  • omega 3 fatty acids
  • protein filtration
  • sugar extraction and fermentation
  • CO2 dispensing
  • modified enzymes
  • food packaging and processing
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‘We really enjoy working with our team of attorneys at Mathys & Squire. They have great technical knowledge which is very helpful for us as they understand our business. Overall, our feedback is very positive and we are happy with the service they provide.’


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Leading design law expertise

Our UK food IP team also draws on the firm’s expertise within design law. If you are seeking protection for the aesthetics of products, whether that is the food product itself, its packaging or the get-up, we can assist.

Practices and trends within the food industry are constantly changing. We are active in our efforts to keep up to date with the latest research and developments within this field. Attending industry shows such as Food Matters Live and the NPD Food and Drink Conference are important to us. Continually developing our knowledge ensures that we can give the best advice to our clients.

IP transfers, NDAs & licensing advice

We understand that not all innovators have the capacity or desire to commercialise their inventions. And so, our team can advise on protecting and transferring intellectual property rights, including:

  • confidentiality /non-disclosure agreements 
  • licences (exclusive, sole and non-exclusive)
  • acquisitions 

Through this, we help maximise the profitability of our clients’ inventions. In addition to assisting clients concerning transferring intellectual property rights, our licensing experts can advise on relevant areas of competition law, termination rights and royalties.

Our team has a vast range of expertise which means whatever your product, we can advise on every aspect of the process to market.

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