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Peter Mansfield

Of counsel


Peter Mansfield is an experienced IP portfolio manager with over 30 years of experience as a qualified patent attorney and trade mark attorney.

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Peter studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. He first qualified in the UK in 1984 and in Europe in 1985. He has been involved since 1981 in searching, drafting and prosecuting trade mark and patent applications for numerous cases over a wide area of industry sectors.


Peter has over 30 years of experience as a qualified patent attorney and trade mark attorney and  has drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications through to grant, in the UK IPO and the European patent office, and has obtained grant in many foreign jurisdictions by instructing foreign attorneys. He has also represented his clients’ cases at several hearings at the European patent office; and he has also prepared assessments of patentability, validity and infringement in relation to hundreds of different patents. He undertakes IP searches and landscaping in support of these and Mathys & Squire’s wider activities. He is highly experienced in advising on patent searching strategies and in interpretation of any techno-legal aspects that may require clarification when assessing technology categorisation and trends.

Peter has worked for a range of clients ranging from academic institutions, large publicly-quoted companies and public sector bodies through SMEs, to one person start-ups.

The range of work that that he has carried out for our clients, and prior to that, during an extensive period with AEA Technology, provides him with particular knowledge amongst others of the following wide range of technologies in the area of mechanical and electronic subject matter: metal implants, engineering, information and communication technologies, ultrasonics, aerosols, battery structures, robot arm engineering, dielectric welding, plasma processing plant technology, radiation detectors, and chemical reactor technology.

In particular Peter has experience in the following areas: robot arm mechanisms, detecting ice on aircraft wings, road or railway profile monitoring, windscreen wash systems, robot position sensing, monitoring conveyor belts, manufacturing plastic structures, position sensing using RFID, TV image processing, robot position sensing, non-contact profile measuring,  enhancing train adhesion, braking systems for lorries, motor vehicle energy storage, semiconductor radiation sensors, construction-site safety points, manufacturing chemical reactors,  mobile phone communication.