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Our intellectual property consulting team can support your business in capitalising your intangible assets

Whether you’re an early-stage startup with growth plans, or a large corporation seeking to expand your IP portfolio, our consultancy can help. Our 100 years of combined legal and commercial experience is at your disposal, to help you achieve your business goals. Regardless of your sector or developing technology, realise meaningful value from your intangible assets, get support with business growth and, ultimately, your success.

Advice to match your business’s pace as it grows and flourishes

Our core service model is simple and transparent. We understand that innovation businesses require flexibility and agility from their service providers, and thanks to our considerable experience, our service model has been built on this very foundation: we adapt and develop our advice to match your business’s pace as it grows and flourishes. Clients benefit from an unrivalled in-house capability; we work closely as a team drawn from across the Mathys & Squire business, to provide a holistic service that encompasses both the legal and commercial aspects of IP.

Our consulting services

Start + sustain

For early stage companies and SMEs, it is extremely important to be aware of your intangible assets, how these contribute to your business and its revenues, and how these assets can be used to drive further growth. Our experienced and commercially focussed team helps clients to unlock the value in their intangible assets, develop strategies to maximise their potential and ensure best practice is followed to keep these assets secure.

  • Intangible asset / IP audit
  • Best practice and policy
  • innovation harvesting
  • On-call IP management
  • Market explorer

At Mathys & Squire Consulting, we recognise the importance of startups and SMEs quickly gaining market exposure and traction. This tests market interest and is also vital for fundraising. We focus on the following factors to help our clients grow:

  • Business strategy
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Licensing and transactions
  • Innovation landscapes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Portfolio management

A valuation of your intangible asset portfolio is an important way of gaining an understanding of the company’s direction and also in identifying significant risks facing the business. We provide detailed valuation reports, supported by a comprehensive analysis of your business plan, financial projections, market analysis and IP portfolio, as well as benchmarking suitable industry royalty rates. Our team uses defined and well recognised methodologies for the fair market valuation of IP, incorporating NPV calculations and discounted cash flows. Our IP valuations require an understanding of the business, the wider industry, and the relevance of the IP assets to the business; these are used as a negotiation tool to help support strategic, business and investment decisions. We enable our clients to understand the assumptions made in the modelling and the methodologies, as well as the risks involved so they are well prepared for their negotiations.

  • Valuation methodologies
  • Investment
  • Transaction and licensing
  • Administration and insolvency
  • Business support

As any founder or company executive knows, in order to grow and get your product to market and gain traction, you need significant capital investment. Having a strong and robust intangible asset portfolio will considerably enhance investor confidence and provide reassurance on potential return on investment. We can help you deliver this through:

  • Intellectual property (IP) valuations
  • Contract reviews
  • Royalties
  • Business plans

Competitive intelligence is not simply a matter of gathering information on your competition or the market; it is the analysis of this information, drawing conclusions from this combined information to deliver strategic insights into your competitors or the industry, and how you and your company fit into this overall context. We assist our clients in this in a number of ways, namely:

  • Market intelligence
  • White space analysis
  • Technology transfer / University spin-outs
  • Disruptive technology intelligence
  • IP brokerage

At Mathys & Squire Consulting, we offer a range of bespoke training packages, both in person and online on a number of our key focus areas:

  • Commercial training
  • Valuation training
  • Patent research and landscaping training
  • Bespoke training packages

Our full service offering is available via the Mathys & Squire Consulting brochure.

To further our IP consulting services, Mathys & Squire Consulting also works in partnership with copyright and data protection specialists, and technology transfer office in universities. For more information, visit our partnership page here.

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Mathys & Squire Consulting helps organisations of all types to uncover and realise value from their intangible assets. Our industry-leading strategies for intellectual property, management solutions and practical IP advice services support startups, SMEs, corporates and university sector teams in their commercial growth objectives.

We work with businesses to develop IP management strategies. This enables clients to understand, review and implement positive actions that align IP with over-reaching goals. Our areas of IP expertise include due diligence, IP audits, valuation, consulting, training, brokering, licensing, monetisation and policy activities.

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