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Commercialising our clients’ intellectual property

Our clients rely on us to maximise their IP 

Our clients expect more than just expert advice. Our unrivalled commercial focus allows us to really help our clients maximise and add value to their IP.

We work very closely with our clients to really get under the skin of what their business objectives are so we can ensure their IP strategy aligns perfectly alongside those objectives. Your IP strategy should not operate in isolation and should form part of the wider business plan.

Commercialising your IP should be one of your key business objectives. Our commercialisation team and colleagues in our sister company, IP strategy and valuation firm, Coller IP will be on hand to help you implement a robust strategy to help you generate revenue streams and increase the commercial value of your IP.

Working together with our clients, we often identify inventions and IP that can be commercialised through:

  • Joint ventures
  • Licensing deals
  • Raising finance
  • IPOs

Our commercialising services also include:

  • Due diligence
  • IP valuations
  • IP audits
  • Portfolio management
  • Strategy design and implementation


IP is a valuable asset that needs to be protected. It can relate to a brand, invention, design or other kind of creation, and it can be legally owned. We work with clients at an early stage to understand their strategy and to assess the value of protection. Implementing the right IP strategy can mean the difference between commercial success and failure.


Through our business acumen, we understand the true commercial value of an IP portfolio and guide our clients on how they can use this asset to benefit their business. Whether this is through licensing, a successful SPC negotiation or the value of a brand, we have the expertise to evaluate and identify the most appropriate commercial outcome for their organisation.


We adopt a commercial approach to the resolution of conflicts and disputes, preferring to pursue negotiated solutions that meet our clients’ needs. If this route fails, we will pursue formal procedures to challenge or enforce rights. We understand the importance of our clients IP and will do everything we can to fight to protect it.

IP protection advice for startups, SMEs & corporates

We take a collaborative approach when working with our clients and advise them on a course of action that is best aligned with their business objectives. Understanding the value of a potential innovation or a brand is as important as understanding the technology or marketing behind it. 

We believe that effective systems for protecting IP are essential so that innovators can be properly rewarded. Our clients become successful by recognising the opportunities and risks of IP and following a well thought out IP strategy. We become part of that success by developing excellence; instilling a culture of creativity, innovation and adding value for all our clients. 

We share our clients’ ambition, passion and entrepreneurial spirit, empowering our teams to go above and beyond what our clients expect when it comes to service delivery. 

Contact Mathys & Squire today to discover how our experienced commercial IP lawyers can help your organisation best protect and commercialise your intellectual property.

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We work with some of the world’s largest corporations across a number of areas of technology. We understand the need to be as flexible as possible in meeting the strategic needs of this type of client. No two clients are the same.

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