Semiconductors – patent & trade mark attorneys

Members of our team entered the patent profession from the semiconductor sector and have particular expertise in a wide range of specific technologies, focusing on new industry trends, including:

  • analogue and digital IC design;
  • RF circuits and microwave;
  • memory devices;
  • power electronics;
  • power MODFETs;
  • photonics;
  • SOI devices;
  • compound semiconductors;
  • III-V materials;
  • fabrication techniques (including Molecular Beam Epitaxy and packaging optoelectronics);
  • spectroscopy;
  • advanced packaging;
  • quantum computing; and
  • thin-film devices.

We work with inventors, and often with in-house teams of patent specialists, to procure high-quality yet cost-effective patent portfolios. From assessing invention disclosures, through to drafting patent applications suitable for all major jurisdictions, managing prosecution to grant and advising on exploitation, our clients trust us to get things right. Our commitment to this sector goes well beyond a simple understanding of the technology, and our specialist team includes individuals who have spent time working in technical roles and are named inventors on a number of semiconductor device-related patents.

Semiconductor intellectual property protection

Semiconductor technology continues to be one of the most active areas of research and development, and the volume of semiconductor patent filings still ranks at the very top of patent filing statistics. This holds true throughout all major markets, not least in Europe.

Even as the scaling of conventional transistor-based ICs slows, protecting new developments remains crucial to the industry. Chips are becoming ever more specialised, communications technology continues to develop at a rapid rate and new technology areas, such as AI and autonomous vehicles, offer huge opportunities for innovation. Licensing models in these fields drive the need for large portfolios of high-quality patents.

The semiconductors sector is an exciting field, and one in which we have the privilege of working with a number of the world’s foremost companies and research institutions, in key semiconductor hubs around the world, including Silicon Valley, London and Tokyo. We hold expertise in all areas of IP, including patent protection, licensing, opposition, litigation, validity, freedom-to-operate, competitor monitoring and prosecution.

Semiconductor expertise you can count on

Understanding both the technical and external challenges within the industry keeps us at the forefront of developments in the sector. Clients see us as valued advisers who truly understand the sector, not only through our work, but also through our personal connections and desire to achieve success in this global market.

Unrivalled patent and trade mark expertise

Whether your needs require the assistance of our semiconductor patent or trade mark attorneys, you are in the right hands. As a leading full-service IP law firm, our expertise stretches from London to Munich and beyond. We have offices in the UK, France, Germany and Luxembourg – we want to become part of your success story, so contact us today.

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“As a team, our attorneys at Mathys & Squire offer a range of different skills which support our business from strategic thinking at a high level to technical knowledge, tactics and a really clear understanding of our requirements. We are confident that we are working in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for our company.”


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