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Working with small startups and academic institutions, through to large clients such as Public Health England and Bristol-Myers Squibb, we use our expert technical knowledge to advise and guide our biotechnology clients through all of their intellectual property requirements. 

We offer our clients a complete range of intellectual property services, including evaluation of IP opportunities, global filing and prosecution strategy, drafting, prosecution, opposition, validity, freedom-to-operate, competitor monitoring, and licensing.

Our experts advise on: 

  • pharmaceuticals
  • vaccines
  • diagnostics
  • medical devices
  • healthcare products and services

Work in this sector covers a diverse range of technologies including vaccines relating to TB, meningitis, clostridial neurotoxins, anthrax and polio, rapid assay systems relating to the detection of infectious organisms for efficacy testing of waste treatment processes, viral inhibitors, in vitro expression systems, and microbial fermentation.

A deep understanding of the biotechnology sector

Clients value our detailed approach and deep understanding of the biotechnology field to provide guidance not only as to potential novelty and inventive step in light of the known or identified prior art, but also as to further experimental work or data that may be useful to support robust patent protection worldwide. In some cases, the outcome of this exercise may be a decision not to pursue patent protection.

Members of the group have over two decades of experience and an impressive track record of representing clients in the field of biological sciences in connection with all aspects of IP.  We have recruited the highest calibre people with advanced academic degrees, many with direct industry experience in this sector, which allows us to serve the full spectrum of clients in the biotechnology sector. Our clients know that they are in safe hands when working with our team.

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Our commercial understanding of the sector has successfully taken clients from the spin-out stage to multi-million pound funding projects and helped us to secure innovative licensing deals.

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