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We believe innovators should be properly rewarded and their intellectual property rights protected and defended.

Our patent attorneys ensure our clients’ ideas and creativity – from concept stage to production and beyond – are protected. With over 100 years’ experience, we have developed a sophisticated skillset and process that provides the basis for the work we do. We are proud to be ranked as a ‘Top Tier’ firm in The Legal 500 and to be ranked in Chambers UK. Find out more about our awards and accreditations here.

Highly skilled in identifying inventions that are eligible for protection, our patent attorneys tailor their intellectual property advice, technical work, and guidance to best suit our clients’ needs and future goals. Our focus is to help clients maximise the value of their IP and achieve the goals and objectives of their business.

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Guiding your journey through IP law

No matter where you are in the innovation or patent process, our team will guide you through the IP journey step-by-step, navigating everything from IP agreements, applications, classification, search services, forms and fees, to renewals, exploitation, commercialisation, internationalisation, portfolio management and enforcement. Our full-service patent process ensures that we provide our clients with top-tier expertise and robust advice.

Your specialism and our expertise

We know that in order to provide the best possible service to all of our clients, we need to fully understand the technical specifics of their products and inventions, as well as the challenges faced within their industries and technologies.

That’s why, alongside their specialist legal training, our UK and European patent attorneys have a wide range of scientific and technical degrees. Their studies and PhDs include life sciences specialisms such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, agri-tech, clean-tech and chemistry; as well as IT & engineering areas such as electronics, manufacturing, automotive, digital, med-tech, semiconductors and telecoms. Our attorneys are also specialists in working with specific organisation types such as startups, corporates, universities, government agencies, hospitals and utilities. Find out more about our specialist sectors here.

We focus on maximising the value of your IP

With a number of our patent attorneys having worked in-house in the intellectual property departments of multinational corporations, the team is adept at factoring IP strategy and commercialisation into their advice. This mindset further enhances our ability to assist in the active management, building and commercialisation of our clients’ intellectual property portfolios. Our commercial focus for patents is built on a model of protection, exploitation and enforcement, and is perfect for all sizes of organisations from startups to global enterprises.

Patent attorneys in the UK, Europe and China

With over 70 qualified patent attorneys based in offices throughout the UK and Europe, we are a truly global firm and work to ensure that our clients have the necessary protection throughout the world. Our offices are based in London, Brighton, Cambridge, Manchester, the Midlands, Oxford, York, Luxembourg, Munich and Paris, as well as a team based in China.

We recognise the importance of intellectual property as a business asset in and of itself, and as such, we offer clients services relating to the protection and defence of intellectual property, as well as its commercialisation.

“Mathys & Squire are innovative about what they do. They are not just ticking boxes; they are always trying to come up with better ways of doing things, and are always open to suggestions from our side. We work very closely. Most importantly, with Mathys & Squire, I know I will be working with a stable team who know me and my business, and can deliver the technical and commercial advice I need to protect our IP.”


“Mathys & Squire is the strongest partner we have in Europe. Their work is of the highest quality, is very thorough and sets a benchmark for international collaboration on sophisticated patent issues. They layout options in terms of success rates which is invaluable in helping me make commercial decisions on how to proceed.”


“I  would certainly recommend Mathys & Squire to any business wanting a patent attorney. The attorney we work with has great technical knowledge and is very good at grasping the features of the product we’re looking to patent as well as finding ways to overcome obstacles to help us achieve our objectives.”

D W Windsor

What is the Patent Box?

The Patent Box is a tax relief introduced by the UK government in April 2013, offering companies reduced tax rates on profits from products and services covered by patents in order to recognise innovation in business. To qualify for Patent Box, your company must have made a significant contribution to either the creation or development of the patented invention, or a product incorporating the patented invention.

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