Our patent attorneys support innovators in expertly protecting and defending their intellectual property

With over 100 years’ experience, we ensure our clients’ ideas and creativity – from concept stage to production and beyond – are protected. Our patent attorneys have developed a sophisticated skillset and process that provides the basis for the work we do.

Highly skilled in identifying inventions that are eligible for protection, our patent attorneys tailor their IP advice, technical work and guidance to best suit clients’ needs and future goals. Our focus is to help clients maximise the value of their IP and achieve the goals and objectives of their business.

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Our patent services

Portfolio management

A well executed portfolio management strategy can deliver meaningful results in the form of successful valuations and acquisitions, as well as serve as a key component to the ongoing success of a brand. Our patent attorneys will work closely with you to actively managed your IP and innovation in line with the commercial aims of your business.

IP strategy

Our active involvement in startup communities across the UK, alongside our ongoing relationships with well-established brands, universities and global conglomerates, means we are experienced in offering strategic insights across a range of company sectors and sizes and can assist you no matter where you are on your journey to success.  

IP enforcement

The Mathys & Squire team of qualified patent attorneys will support you in the enforcement of your IP rights, protecting your ideas and innovations. We have extensive and wide-ranging experience of opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office as well as in the UK High Court and Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC). 

IP due diligence

The need for IP due diligence can arise in many different circumstances and it is important to understand the scope and value of your IP.

IP ownership and licensing

Defining ownership of IP rights, such as patentstrade marksdesigns and copyright can be complex and can vary on a case by case basis and on jurisdictional differences. IP rights, by their very nature as property rights, can be licensed, bought and sold and it is therefore critical to define and establish ownership in order to prevent IP disputes and infringements during the IP life cycle. 

Supplementary protection certificates

A supplementary protection certificate (SPC) is a European IP right granted on a national basis that provides protection for a patented active ingredient or combination of active ingredients of an authorised medicine or plant protection product after expiry of the patent. It is intended to compensate delays in gaining regulatory approval and the resulting curtailment of the duration of effective protection under the patent.

Patent Box

The Patent Box is a tax relief, introduced by the UK Government in April 2013, that offers companies reduced tax rates on profits from products and services covered by patents, in order to recognise innovation in business. To qualify for Patent Box, a company must have made a significant contribution to either the creation or development of the patented invention or a product incorporating the patented invention.

UPC and UP Hub

Following decades of work, the introduction of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and a Unitary Patent (UP) is anticipated to be finalised around mid-2022. Our hub has been created to provide updates on current developments in the UPC landscape, and to identify the potential implications for your patent portfolio.

Patent FAQs

Getting started with a patent application can be overwhelming. Find out the basics, how patents work and how they can help you in our FAQs.

Guiding your journey through IP law

No matter where you are in the innovation or patent process, our team will guide you through the IP journey step-by-step, navigating everything from IP agreements, applications, classification, search services, forms and fees, to renewals, exploitation, commercialisation, internationalisation, portfolio management and enforcement. Our full-service patent process ensures that we provide our clients with top-tier expertise and robust advice.

Your specialism and our expertise

We know that in order to provide the best possible service to all of our clients, we need to fully understand the technical specifics of their products and inventions, as well as the challenges faced within their industries and technologies.

That’s why, alongside their specialist legal training, our UK and European patent attorneys have a wide range of scientific and technical degrees. Their studies and PhDs include life sciences specialisms such as biotechnologypharmaceuticalsagri-techclean-tech and chemistry; as well as IT & engineering areas such as electronics, manufacturingautomotive, digital, med-techsemiconductors and telecoms. Our attorneys are also specialists in working with specific organisation types such as startups, corporates, universities, government agencies, hospitals and utilities.

With a number of our patent attorneys having worked in-house in the intellectual property departments of multinational corporations, the team is adept at factoring IP strategy and commercialisation into their advice. This mindset further enhances our ability to assist in the active management, building and commercialisation of clients’ IP portfolios. Our commercial focus for patents is built on a model of protection, exploitation and enforcement, and is perfect for all sizes of organisations from startups to global enterprises.

We are proud to be highly ranked in legal directories, The Legal 500 and Chambers UK, as well as industry directories, IAM Patent 1000 and World Trademark Review 1000. Find out more about our awards and accreditations here.


“Mathys & Squire are innovative about what they do. They are not just ticking boxes; they are always trying to come up with better ways of doing things, and are always open to suggestions from our side. We work very closely. Most importantly, with Mathys & Squire, I know I will be working with a stable team who know me and my business, and can deliver the technical and commercial advice I need to protect our IP.”


“Mathys & Squire is the strongest partner we have in Europe. Their work is of the highest quality, is very thorough and sets a benchmark for international collaboration on sophisticated patent issues. They layout options in terms of success rates which is invaluable in helping me make commercial decisions on how to proceed.”

D W Windsor

“I  would certainly recommend Mathys & Squire to any business wanting a patent attorney. The attorney we work with has great technical knowledge and is very good at grasping the features of the product we’re looking to patent as well as finding ways to overcome obstacles to help us achieve our objectives.”

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