Leonard Wright


UK & European Patent Attorney

MSci (Hons), CPA

Leo is an associate in Mathys & Squire’s IT & engineering team. He joined the firm after completing his master’s degree in physics.

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Leo specialises in the fields of physics, engineering, and computing. He works with clients in a broad range of industries including telecoms, medical devices, and printing. Leo has experience of assisting with drafting and prosecution of patent applications across these technical areas, and has been involved with oppositions before the European Patent Office (EPO).

Leo holds an undergraduate master’s degree in physics (MSci) from the University of Birmingham. His degree covered a wide range of topics including mechanics, cosmology, computing, electronics, lasers, and atomic physics. For his master’s project, Leo researched and developed a new, compact design of a magneto-optical trap using laser cooling and magnetic fields to produce cold atoms.

Leo has recently been assisting in the prosecution of patent applications for a range of technologies including networking, medical devices, and mechanical devices in sectors such as telecommunications and the petroleum industry. Leo has also been involved with drafting patent applications in the field of computing technology.

Leo is a Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA).