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Scaleup Quarter: Strategic IP advice for startup and scaleup businesses

By their very nature, startup and scaleup businesses are at the frontline of innovation. Regardless of your industry or the lifecycle stage you are at – whether it’s early days or you are branching out into new technologies – in order to protect the breakthrough that you have worked so hard to create and develop, a crucial step is preventing your competitors from taking advantage of your innovation. Protecting your business’ IP will not only safeguard your idea, but help you to work more profitably in the future.

Understanding the potential IP value of your invention or brand is as important as the technology and marketing behind it. Our teams have experience working with entrepreneurs and innovators in every industry and sector; we will work with you to protect and commercialise your IP, ensuring success by putting together a commercially robust strategy right at the outset, while focusing on alignment with your business objectives.

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