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Successfully Solving IP Disputes for Our Clients  

In a world of ever-changing technology, there is a perception that defending and enforcing IP is more difficult than ever. We provide expert IP litigation services for our clients so that they secure their portfolio.

Our litigation team is made up of lawyers, patent and trade mark attorneys, who understand both the complexities of the law and the practical intricacies of the technologies in IP litigation disputes.

Importantly for clients, our litigation team works closely with our experienced patent and trade mark attorneys, who already have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses and commercial objectives, as well as having technical knowledge which underpins their IP portfolios.


Trends in IP litigation

In recent years, it seems that the over-arching attitudes of business leaders towards the value of both IP and specialist IP law firms have progressed significantly. As a leading intellectual property law firm, we wanted to explore this trend in more detail.

Our research confirms that while a majority of businesses see IP as a key priority, many are failing to recognise the full potential of their IP. 

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Expert IP litigation services

With a view to the future, we have the rights to represent clients at the new Unified Patent Court (UPC) in London, Munich and Paris, and already have team members with the necessary high-level language skills.

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litigation icon 1Our experienced trade mark and patent attorneys possess the depth and understanding of our clients’ businesses and technologies, which is essential to obtaining a successful result in litigation.


litigation icon 2This depth and understanding of our clients’ objectives is combined with the experience and strategic skills, down to earth approach and unrelenting focus of our lawyers, ensuring the strongest team possible in advancing our clients’ cases.


litigation icon 3Our litigation team provides sound, decisive advice and will give you an honest, jargon-free assessment of the merits of the case, as well as the best strategies to adopt.


litigation icon 4We are value and results driven – our team recognise and understand that clients want a commercial result and the aim is not to set legal precedent, but for the infringement to stop and for our client to make a solid return on their investment.


litigation icon 5We are sensitive to and fully understand the implications of multi-jurisdictional litigation. Our attorneys use our relationships with trusted attorneys where necessary, to ensure the conduct of the litigation.


litigation icon 6We have experience of representing a broad range of clients across the spectrum of industries - we are proud to represent numerous sector-leading players in industries ranging from pharmaceutical and IT through to chemistry and biotechnology.