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Working in this fast-moving sector requires more than just a solid academic record, and that is why we have recruited people who have experienced the industry first-hand, both in Europe and the US. 

Find further details in our ‘Protecting the IP in your software’ document.

A full range of IP protection, from qualified experts

The IT group offers a full range of services in areas including patent procurement, licensing, and IP portfolio management. Our clients within the sector have access to a multi-disciplined group including attorneys who are experienced in dealing with patent prosecution and litigation in the electronic and computer technology arena.

We are proud of our connections within this sector and handle prosecution of a number of substantial portfolios for major multinationals, including several Silicon Valley based companies.  In Europe, we have worked across the sector in a number of areas of technology that are often on the borderline of excluded subject matter to the extent that the legal issues may be more significant than the nature of the technology itself. 

We help our clients to develop powerful business opportunities that leverage their intellectual property assets and develop strategic approaches that build and protect their market share. 

We are prolific in the UK tech startup community and have a wealth of connections with the key accelerator and incubators across the country and thrive on helping startups on their journey to success by identifying and helping to commercialise their IP.

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“As a team, our attorneys at Mathys & Squire offer a range of different skills which support our business from strategic thinking at a high level to technical knowledge, tactics and a really clear understanding of our requirements. We are confident that we are working in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for our company.”


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