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Our specialist trade mark attorneys and solicitors protect the rights of UK and global brand owners in markets as diverse as automotive, consumer goods, sports, food and drink, clothing, pharmaceuticals and technology.

Mathys & Squire’s expert trade mark attorneys understand the importance of making your company stand out with its own identity, and how vital it is to protect your valuable brand from inevitable threats from competitors. 

The effective management of a trade mark portfolio encompasses the delivery of a wide range of services. 

Our trade mark services

Trade mark searches

We conduct a search of the trade marks register, often in conjunction with other research tools. It is only by conducting such searches that we can determine if a clients chosen trade mark is free from third party encumbrances and capable of registration.

Domain name trade marks

Domain names are a vital business tool and valuable commercial asset. Although it is not commonly addressed, domain names also form an important part of a business’ IP portfolio. As a result, it is essential that all businesses protect their online investment by way of registering relevant domain names and, if necessary, applying for trade marks incorporating such domain names.

Trade mark portfolio management

As an added-value service, many of our clients have online access to their trade mark portfolio. We work together with our clients to ensure that we truly understand their business and its future, thereby offering the best advice and commercial partnership.

Trade mark registration service

A strong brand identity is the reason that customers choose one product or service over another, and that – embodied within a brand – are all the values, qualities, characteristics or personality that a brand owner aspires to communicate to its customers. What many brand owners sadly overlook is how vulnerable those brands can be unless they are protected effectively.

Trade mark exploitation

When managed proactively, the licensing of trade mark rights to third parties can deliver significant income. A number of global brands managed by our team generate greater revenue from the licensing of their registered trade marks for use on non-core products than they do from their own manufactured goods.

Trade mark oppositions

Our team works with clients to lessen the risk of an opposition being filed against an application, by carrying out appropriate searches to identify any conflicting trade marks prior to filing a trade mark application. We also have an enviable track record in successfully defending oppositions.

International trade mark services

We have an enviable reputation advising some of the world’s leading brands and have worked with them on their international strategies. Trade mark rights are geographical in nature, and rights in one territory do not necessarily give you corresponding protection in an overseas market. We work to ensure that our clients are fully covered throughout the world. 

White labelling

We offer a sophisticated white labelling product, and have a proven track record working with a number of leading communication and design agencies.

We conduct all of the trade mark search and registration work on behalf of the agency client, and will present under their brand, allowing them to offer additional value-add services and protect their clients’ interests.

Trade mark watching service

We provide our clients with watching services on an individual country, regional or worldwide basis. All trade marks located by the watching service are reviewed by the team to screen for those that potentially conflict with our clients’ trade marks.  

Our detailed screening process enables us to report any conflicts with a short, tailored report, highlighting recommended pragmatic actions to resolve any issues arising. 

We also provide digital content watching and monitoring for potential online infringements of IP, and have an established arrangement with a  digital content watching and monitoring provider who will produce a report for us to analyse on behalf of our clients. 


Counterfeiting can be a major problem for some brands and we recognise just how damaging it can be to have fake products in circulation.

We use preventative methods that can strongly limit forgeries and ensure that our clients have a set of systems in place in case counterfeit products are still being sold. We work with our clients to set up strategic solutions to tackle anti-counterfeiting and advise them if further action against those responsible for counterfeiting goods is needed.  

Trade mark FAQs

Getting started with a trade mark application can be overwhelming. Find out the basics, how trade marks work and how they can help you, in our FAQs.

Effective trade mark portfolio management encompasses a wide range of services, including:

Trade mark filing process

Registering a trade mark is the best way to protect your brand ownership and reputation, however, getting started with the application can be overwhelming. The process begins with a comprehensive search, filing an application, its examination and publication, and ends with an official registration and certification. See the full process below:

The importance of trade mark protection

A trade mark is a ‘sign’ (most typically a word or logo) that distinguishes your brand from those of your competitors. Once registered, it can be used to prevent anyone else using the same or similar mark for identical and similar goods and services. Trade marks are an asset to the business and can help the business grow.

A registered trade mark is a valuable IP asset and like any item of value it requires care and attention. Using a registered trade mark properly not only validates it, it also ensures that the mark does not fall into generic use.

Other important trade mark information

Rigby & Peller

“I have worked with the Mathys & Squire trade mark team since I joined Rigby & Peller. I find them to be highly responsive, and provide insightful commercial advice without pushing a point of view. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”


“Mathys & Squire have been key to the development of Xaar’s IP portfolio since the late 1980s and have supported us through a number of changes in business focus in an increasingly competitive space. The support and advice we receive from their dedicated team is well considered and takes into account the commercial imperatives of our business. We appreciate the quality of the legal and technical knowledge of the Mathys & Squire team, and their pragmatic and flexible approach.”

Morgan Sindall

We have been working with Mathys & Squire for over fifteen years, providing a trade mark registration and monitoring service. They are always available and very responsive whenever we need their support. The team are open, friendly and easy to work with, and it always feels like they are fighting our corner.


“I have worked with the trade mark team at Mathys & Squire since I became Head of Legal at UKFast. The team are pragmatic and knowledgeable, and partner, Gary Johnston is absolutely excellent. The team always show great understanding of our organisation and our commercial aims, and we work closely with them to protect our trade marks and brand.”

UP Global Sourcing

“Mathys & Squire’s trade mark portal allows us to review and manage all of our trade marks, across all of our territories. For a company like ours, with a large number of trade marks, having a tool like that is really important.”

Kevin O’Meara, Snell Advanced Media

Mathys & Squire are a highly professional organisation with the scale and breadth of capability we need to handle our global portfolio. I have found Margaret Arnott to be exceptionally diligent and good at her job. She has a good understanding not only of the trade mark areas which we work in, but also of deeply technical aspects of the technology, picking out the nuances and understanding where we fit in the marketplace. They are extremely responsive, and always proactive at sending us warnings and giving me a heads up about things I need to know so I always have a view of what is coming down the pipeline.

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