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The economic importance of the sports industry and the need to protect IP rights have become an essential part of the overall strategy for this sector.

We started working with clients in this area at the outset of the move by sports clubs to create global brands, and we work closely with our clients to protect their trade marks, copyright, design, image and media rights.

Members of our sports group also work with manufacturers, protecting the next innovative product to increase performance, and we have been involved with cutting edge advances in the field.

In a sector worth billions, we understand the value of brand and the technology behind inventions. We, therefore, work closely with our clients to protect and maximise value from their investment.

Sports trade mark attorneys – here to protect your innovation

We know that to you, creativity and inventiveness are a fundamental and underpinning driving force within the world of sport. It is down to you that athletes can better their performance, and sports entertainment continue to push new boundaries.

We know that copyright-related rights are vital in terms of broadcasting revenues. More than that, sports gear contributes to the individual distinction and identity of teams and equipment. Our experienced team is here for you. Let us help you and your brand to succeed today.

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