Working with small start-ups and academic institutions, through to clients such as Public Health England and Bristol-Myers Squibb, we use our expert technical knowledge to advise and guide our clients.

We handle all areas of patent advice, and have an enviable reputation in opposition and appeal work, and the associated national litigation support across Europe. 

Work in the sector covers a diverse range of technologies including vaccines relating to TB, meningitis, clostridial neurotoxins, anthrax and polio, rapid assay systems relating to the detection of infectious organisms for efficacy testing of waste treatment processes, viral inhibitors, in vitro expression systems, and microbial fermentation.

Clients value our approach and deep understanding of their field to provide guidance not only as to potential novelty and inventive step in light of the known or identified prior art, but also as to further experimental work or data that may be useful to support robust patent protection worldwide. In some cases, the outcome of this exercise may be a decision not to pursue patent protection.

We work closely with our clients to find the solution that works for them.

The team has an impressive track record of representing clients in the field of biological sciences in connection with all aspects of IP