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We are a full service firm dedicated to maximising the value of your technologies, brands and designs, and can: Analyse the complexities of your technology; Focus world-class skills and expertise on adding value to your business; Develop an IP strategy within your commercial plans; and Communicate with you clearly and pro-actively.  We have been doing this for over 100 years.

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Mathys & Squire partnership expands

Mathys & Squire has invited two more associate patent attorneys, Jeremy Smith and David Miller, to join its partnership. Jeremy Smith specialises in standards related mobi...

Changes ahead for brand protection in China Effective from 1 May 2014

Any existing brand owner will know that obtaining and enforcing trade mark protection in China can be a long and troublesome process. Nevertheless, due to the vast number of counte...

Mathys & Squire helps inventor secure IP deal

Mathys & Squire has helped UK inventor Martin Stanley secure an international IP agreement, for his idea that extends the life of wooden utility (electricity) poles.  ...