Richard Nugent

Business Consultant

BA (Hons.), MSc. LLB., Mini-MBA (Cert.)

Richard is a principal business consultant in the Mathys & Squire Consulting team. He began his career selling life insurance both during and after his first degree. He later worked in retail management, civil service, a funding body for EU PEACE funding, prior to beginning in-house legal work in 2000. Over the years this work encompassed sectors such as construction (Belfast City Airport), copying equipment (Canon), telecoms (Orange) and software (SAS Software). Since 2000 he has also provided contractual and technology-related assistance from his own company.

In 2007 Richard began work as an IP manager at Rothamsted Research and since 2015, his consultancy work has been focused entirely on IP related projects. Since 2010 he has been invited to speak and deliver training numerous times at international events in Germany, Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa and he regularly is asked to participate in UK based events.

In 2020 he wrote a chapter on IP for the “Growing with Blockchain” book. Richard has worked with hundreds of different innovators across all stages of the innovation process and speaks French and Brazilian Portuguese. He is fascinated by new technologies and enjoys helping innovators as they seek to bring their innovation/invention to the world.



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