Michael Stott


UK & European patent attorney


Michael has worked in the patent profession since 2008 and prior to that worked in the pharmaceutical industry. He has significant experience of drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the UK and Europe, as well as managing international patent portfolios and works with a wide range of clients including universities, SMEs and multi-national corporations.

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Michael has been involved in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the UK, Europe, and many other overseas jurisdictions, including the US, for clients ranging from universities and SMEs to large multinational corporations. He also has experience of due diligence, as well as opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office. After graduating, Michael continued working in the pharmaceutical industry, conducting research within the neurological therapeutic area with a particular focus on programs targeting the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and migraine. He is experienced in a wide range of technologies within the chemistry field, including pharmaceuticals, polymers, electronic materials and devices, agrochemicals, pigments, petrochemistry, ionic liquids, food chemistry and absorbent articles.

Michael has a first class master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of York, and was awarded the university’s ‘ICI Prize’ for his performance in the final examinations. As part of his degree, Michael spent a year conducting research for a major pharmaceutical company and was involved in the development of intermediate and final stage compounds for a number of targets within respiratory and inflammatory therapeutic areas. He also holds a certificate in intellectual property law from Queen Mary, University of London.

Michael is a fellow of CIPA.

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