Szymon Pancewicz

Technical assistant

Trainee patent attorney

BA, MEng

Szymon joined the Mathys & Squire IT & engineering team as a technical assistant, having previously worked as a software developer.


Szymon’s area of expertise is in information and electrical engineering. He has technical experience of control systems, image reconstruction and large-scale database development. 

Szymon holds an undergraduate degree with integrated master’s from the University of Cambridge. He received a distinction for his master’s project which focused on the simulation of novel solar cell designs. 

Szymon has recently been involved in assisting with the prosecution of patent applications for a range of technologies including mechanical devices, sensors, and networking in sectors such as telecommunications and renewable energy. He has also been involved with patent oppositions in the field of computing technology, and with drafting registered design applications.

Szymon is a student member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA).