Laura West

Managing associate

UK Chartered & European trade mark and design attorney


Laura is a qualified trade mark attorney based in Mathys & Squire’s Manchester office. She has experience in the filing, prosecution and enforcement of trade marks all over the world, and her practice has a strong focus on business growth through imports, exports and global portfolio management.

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Laura works with her clients to ensure that their IP strategy fits closely with the overall business strategy and aims to provide legal advice that has a strong commercial foundation. She has worked with a wide range of clients including those in the fashion, media, medical, construction, engineering and service-based sectors. She also works closely with Customs and Trading Standards in assisting her clients protect against counterfeit goods.

Laura graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2011 with an honours degree in Law. She has worked in the field of trade marks since 2011, joining Mathys & Squire after completing her Certificate in Trade Mark Law and Practice at Queen Mary, University of London. She qualified as a trade mark attorney in 2014. Laura holds a Higher Courts Litigation Certificate, allowing her to handle litigation in the High Court of England & Wales.

Laura is a member of CITMA, LES and the ACG.

“Looking after our IP registrations is only a small part of my role, and with Laura, I can rely on her to make suggestions, propose a course of action and take care of everything without needing me to be involved in every decision. That kind of efficiency is so important to me. Mathys & Squire are also helping us to understand best practice for how to name products and approach trademarks for future products. They are getting more involved with us as a team and I feel like they are really in touch with what we are doing as a business.”

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“Mathys & Squire’s trademark portal allows us to review and manage all of our trademarks, across all of our territories. For a company like ours, with a large number of trademarks, having a tool like that is really important.”

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“Laura West is extremely easy to work with on a personal level. Everyone in the company is very happy with her and we feel we have a good relationship. She is particularly skilled at making complex issues easy to understand.
When she raises something of potential concern, she gets to the point, lays out the case and gives us a number of options, what they entail and what they will lead to. This consultative approach is exactly what we want from a partner. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever.”

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