Dean Houston

Technical assistant

Trainee Patent Attorney

BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences, PhD Molecular Biology

Dean has a strong background in the life sciences, possessing both an honours degree in Medical Sciences, as well as a PhD in Molecular Biology. Dean works on a wide variety of inventions related to biotechnology and biochemistry.

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Dean graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a BSc (Hons) in Medical Sciences, where he specialised in antibiotic resistance and the emerging field of targeted therapeutics. He then carried out a PhD at the Roslin Institute, focussing on the endocrine and genetic regulation of bone mineralisation. Dean’s research also involved the use of genome editors for the creation of large animal models of bone disease. He has presented his research at national and international conferences and has a number of publications in leading journals within the field. 

Dean is a Student member of CIPA.

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