IP portfolio management

Our patent portfolio management services

We recognise that a well executed portfolio management strategy can deliver meaningful results in the form of successful valuations and acquisitions, as well as serve as a key component to the ongoing success of a brand. Our patent attorneys will work closely with you to actively managed your IP and innovation in line with the commercial aims of your business.

The effective management of an IP portfolio encompasses the delivery of a wide range of services, from administrative updates – e.g. patent amendments, renewals, grants, restoration and monitoring, as well as proactive strategic developments – e.g. ownership and licensing, valuation, mediation, defence and commercial advice. As such, we tailor our management approach and advice to best suit the needs of our clients and their portfolios.

Whether you are a large IP team in a multinational organisation, an academic spin-out, an entrepreneur or a startup, we will work closely with you to ensure your ideas and IP are captured and protected. Our advice spans from outlining how to asses IP rights to exit strategy preparation and using IP to add value to your balance sheet, through to defending your market position. We provide guidance at each stage of the IP lifecycle alongside the day-to-day running of your portfolio.

A well-executed portfolio management strategy can not only deliver meaningful results in the form of successful valuations, but can also serve as a key component to the ongoing success of a brand.

Client service

We share our clients’ ambition, passion and entrepreneurial spirit, empowering our teams to go above and beyond what is expected when it comes to service delivery.

Alongside open communication with client relationship managers and invitations to our client feedback programmes, clients can access our ‘Workbench’ software solution which provides secure online access to our records of their IP portfolio. Clients use this system to monitor performance, status and progress of their IP matters and can collaborate directly with the team members working on their cases.

Whether your aim is for our team of attorneys to become an extension of your existing IP function, or whether our role is to mentor and guide you through the patent process, we provide training and development programmes as part of our value-added service. We advise on the best strategies for capturing and protecting IP rights as well as creating internal systems and processes for identifying and managing IP rights.

We work with you to align your IP portfolios with your business objectives. We enjoy delivering innovative, high-quality, client-focused services and build close and longstanding relationships with our clients to establish defensive and offensive IP portfolios that generate commercial value.