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Being an active part of the startup and SME community is important to us. Many of our clients do not have in-house IP expertise and we work alongside them to advise on the best course of action, that will make the most commercial sense.

Understanding the value of a potential innovation or a brand is as important as understanding the technology or marketing behind it, and our thorough analysis will not necessarily always recommend proceeding with protection. We will never take a client and simply charge them for something that they may not need. Clients in this space value our honesty and we are well-known for the robust and practical advice that we give.

As companies grow, we will continue to advise on their portfolio and ensure that further protection is taken if required. Working with many other suppliers in this space has given us a network of relevant contacts and we regularly work with clients to facilitate valuation and finance based on their IP.

Our experience of due diligence projects in this space is highly regarded and we work with a number of leading law firms on M&A and exit planning strategy. Our understanding of large corporations has also given us a great deal of experience working on licensing deals and JVs. We have worked with a number of SMEs to successfully ‘find a home’ for a particular product or a brand.

Making the most of Patent Box and R&D tax credits is also an area where we are active. Many SME sized clients are unaware of the tax relief that is available to them, and have not taken advantage of the various grants and schemes supported by the UK Government. We take our role in this community seriously and are currently working on a number of projects to raise awareness of the value of IP for smaller sized businesses, across all sectors.

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We are fully committed to working with companies in the startup or early stages of innovation and development and understand the need to give practical, commercial advice.

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