12 December 2023

Mathys & Squire Partners have earned recognition in IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2024

Four Mathys & Squire Partners, Anna Gregson, Dani Kramer, Sean Leach, and Martin MacLean, have been recognised in the 2024 edition of IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders.

Since its inception, the guide has been a platform that highlights the top experts within the field of intellectual property (IP). Securing a spot in the esteemed IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders is a testament to a professional’s strategic prowess in intellectual property, as recognised by peers across various domains.

IAM says: Anna Gregson couples a nuanced understanding of patent law with a deep knowledge of the biotechnology and life sciences industries to provide holistic and proactive strategic advice. She leaves no stone unturned in her analyses in order to deliver the best possible result for her clients.

Read Anna’s full interview here.

IAM says: Highly experienced patent attorney, Dani Kramer brings a vast knowledge of the law and experience at the European Patent Office. He is the go-to practitioner for providing guidance when dealing with complicated and sensitive cases at the EPO.

Read Dani’s full interview here.

IAM says: Sean Leach is a big picture thinker who effectively finds and maximises the commercial value for clients in the hard technology sector. He pairs immense technical knowledge with an understanding of his clients’ commercial goals to deliver top-tier strategic advice.

Read Sean’s full interview here.

IAM says: Martin MacLean is a dynamic and agile attorney who masterfully devises creative IP solutions. He goes above and beyond to meet and exceed client expectations and dives into the details of their business to ensure his advice aligns neatly with their commercial goals.

Read Martin’s full interview here.

We would like to express our thanks to every client, contact, and peer who dedicated their time to engage in the research process. 

The full 2024 edition of the guide is available here.