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Being an employer of choice matters to us. Our workplace is diverse, inclusive and welcoming. We develop and implement a best practice supportive environment where all our staff can develop and reach their full potential. We are members of IP Inclusive, an organisation committed to making the IP profession more inclusive.

We recognise that diversity and inclusion refers to the similarities and differences that exist between people, and that most individuals do not belong to a single identity, but often to several. On this basis, we have created a collaborative and collegiate environment, where everyone feels valued, included and respected. We value the diversity of our people, and have actively cultivated and encouraged positive inclusive relationships across the firm through organised social events and the promotion of our anti-bullying and harassment policies.

We support the evolution of a profession that is truly accessible to everyone regardless of their background. 

The successful operation of these policies is monitored by the management board of the LLP on a regular basis.

At Mathys & Squire we strongly believe in providing a working environment where people are treated fairly, equally and with respect.