Corporate social responsibility policy

At Mathys & Squire, we believe that is it is our responsibility and duty to always act ethically, with integrity, and to make a positive impact.

We have three core corporate social responsibility commitments:

• to reduce the environmental impact of running our business;
• to support the local communities we operate in; and
• to behave ethically to our staff and suppliers.

We take our responsibility seriously and have taken the following steps to honour those commitments.

Reducing the environmental impact of running our business

Transport – All members of our staff are offered assistance in identifying public transport options to assist them in their daily commute to and from work and discouraged to use private vehicles. Where public transport is impractical, we encourage car sharing between staff.

The firm participates in the Government’s ‘Cycle to work’ scheme, offering employees a 42% discount on the purchase of a new bicycle and accessories – as well as offering secure storage during work hours – to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint.

Members of staff are encouraged to minimise their business travel through the use our video-conferencing facilities. Where business travel is unavoidable, staff are asked, where practicable, to utilise public transport.

Reducing waste – We aim to reduce the volume of waste we produce where we possibly can, through the use of electronic – as opposed to hard copy – record management.  

We employ contractors to remove and recycle confidential and non-confidential waste paper. Staff are encouraged to procure paper supplies that are either recycled or sourced from ethically managed sustainable forests. 

To avoid the use of bottled water and unnecessary plastic waste, we have on-site water filtration systems and supply drinking glasses and cups for coffee/tea making facilities. In addition, we provide our staff with reusable drinking bottles and facilities in staff kitchens for recycling glass, paper and plastics.

Reducing energy – We regularly review our energy usage and make IT purchasing decisions based on the efficiency of the products. Staff are encouraged to switch off lights and computers when not in use to conserve energy.

Carbon footprint – We are committed to monitoring our environmental policies and carbon footprint. In this regard, we are proud to be ISO 14001 accredited, which focuses on environmental management. Across our business, we continue to look for opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint as well as offsetting those that remain. For example, we are partnered with Trees for Life, a UK charity working to protect the Caledonian Forest in Scotland. As part of our ongoing partnership, we make regular donations that support the planting of trees in the Mathys & Squire grove in an effort to  offset our corporate travel miles.


Giving back – The firm operates primarily in the UK, but also overseas, and aims to support worthy causes in all of the communities we operate in.

We allocate an annual budget for charitable donations and support a number of varied worthy causes through direct donation; encouraging staff fundraising through fund-matching; and the use of company time and materials; as well as through sponsorship of individuals. Charities the firm has supported include: Macmillan Cancer Support, Save the Children, The Movember Foundation, and most recently, the Guy’s & St. Thomas’ London Bridge Covid-19 Fundraiser.  

Supporting young people – We are committed to supporting young people in their personal and academic development and have sponsored a number of different university-linked organisations. We have partnered with Career Ready, a charity that works across the UK to connect young, undiscovered talent with employers. Their mission is to boost social mobility by empowering young people and giving their talents a platform to flourish and enhance their key employability skills. Mathys & Squire has committed to a mentoring programme, as well as the running of workshops to provide these individuals with an understanding of a career in the IP industry.

Behaving ethically

Operating ethically – We aim to always act with integrity in our business dealings and general operation. We have established and actively promote our diversity & inclusion and anti-bribery operating policies.

Communicating openly – We aim to always treat our customers, clients, and suppliers in an open, honest and fair way. We actively communicate our operating policies and terms of business by displaying them on our website, and through our contractual agreements.  

Staff wellbeing -We take the health and wellbeing of our staff very seriously. We offer part-time or flexible working arrangements upon requirement (where practicable) to accommodate outside commitments, especially with regards to family. In an effort to promote the benefits of physical exercise, the firm runs internal sporting activities, and supports staff-related external sporting participation.  

Please contact us if you would like more information about how Mathys & Squire LLP is honouring the above commitments.