02 August 2023

Mathys & Squire and Career Ready: empowering the workforce of tomorrow

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, the success of individuals and companies alike is heavily reliant on a skilled and adaptable workforce. With technological advancements, shifting industry landscapes, and global economic changes, it is crucial for young professionals to be adequately prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Enter Career Ready, a pioneering organisation that is reshaping the way students and graduates approach their career paths. Career Ready is a non-profit organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between education and employment. Founded with a vision to equip young individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to thrive in the professional world, the organisation has become a leading force in career-focused education and work-readiness training.

The core mission of Career Ready is to provide students with invaluable experiences, mentoring opportunities, and exposure to real-world work environments, enabling them to make informed career decisions and excel in their chosen fields. By partnering with educational institutions, businesses, and volunteers, Career Ready fosters a holistic approach to career development that goes beyond traditional academic learning.

Mathys & Squire is proud to partner with Career Ready to support the personal growth and development of students from across the UK. We provide internship opportunities and run training sessions for students interested in learning more about the IP profession. We are also part of a 12-month mentorship programme, in which our colleagues guide their mentees through the early stages of their career journeys. The aim of the experience is to expose these individuals to the working environment, giving them an insight into every facet of the Mathys & Squire business, and the working world.

Masterclasses and shadowing opportunities are present across all departments in an effort to expand the horizons of our interns. Different tasks and activities presented to them will allow our interns to engage with, and understand, the operations of a legal firm, whilst educating them on intellectual property and its importance in fostering innovation across every sector.

“Career Ready internships have proven to be an invaluable experience for both our firm and the talented young individuals we mentor. Through this transformative program, we witness the emergence of a new generation of professionals who possess not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the real-world challenges they’ll face in their careers. Investing in these young minds today ensures a brighter future for the entire industry, and that’s why Mathys & Squire is proud to partner with Career Ready.” – Caroline Warren, D&I Partner

We encourage our interns to explore every career path available to them and in turn nurture their personal growth and development.

“My experience at Mathys & Squire has been brilliant. I initially chose to do my internship here because, through my research, I learnt it is one of the best IP firms in the country, which really intrigued me as I’m really interested in IP law. The experience of learning and shadowing different departments was highly informative and a great way to learn why different departments are needed in a firm. The staff has been amazing and helpful as well!” – Britney, summer 2023 intern  

“I chose a Career Ready internship to get an insight into the legal sector and experience different types of law. Additionally, I wanted to know the different pathways I could take to become a lawyer. This experience has helped me understand what an IP firm does and the various departments within the firm and what they do behind the scenes for their clients. Furthermore, the culture within the firm is quite diverse and inclusive and allows one to feel more welcomed and comfortable. It has been a very fun experience and probably the most insightful one into the legal sector thus far.” – Mariam, summer 2023 intern

The collaboration between Career Ready and Mathys & Squire exemplifies the power of investing in the workforce of tomorrow. By fostering a culture of learning, mentorship, and hands-on experience, we become instrumental in shaping a future where young professionals are equipped with the skills and confidence to overcome challenges and become innovators and champions in their chosen field.