Trade mark exploitation

Over time, the goodwill in a brand can be the greatest asset a company owns and, managed carefully, that asset can be used to generate significant value in terms of revenue, market dominance and added value to product sales.

Trade mark licensing

When managed proactively, the licensing of trade mark rights to third parties can deliver significant income. A number of global brands managed by our team generate greater revenue from the licensing of their registered trade marks for use on non-core products than they do from their own manufactured goods.

Our team regularly advises on licensing strategy; draws up trade mark licence agreements; enforces licence terms; and advises on the IP aspects of franchising and distribution arrangements.

Where merger and acquisition activity results in the consolidation of trade mark portfolios, we are adept at aligning our clients’ trade mark strategies to their business strategy, and can even help with disposal of unused trade marks. Conducting due diligence is an integral part of this process.

Where brand owners expand their operations or manufacturing into new territories, we are always on hand to advise on the possible impact this may have upon their trade mark portfolio.