21 February 2024

MS-RT launches its new range of innovative sport-inspired Ford vehicle designs with the all-new Ford Ranger MS-RT and Transit Custom MS-RT

Mathys & Squire is proud to have worked with MS-RT – an offshoot of Ford’s rally partner M-Sport – in protecting their IP as they redefine the landscape of commercial vehicle design with the introduction of the all-new Ford Transit Custom MS-RT and Ford Ranger MS-RT.

Developed by MS-RT in partnership with Ford Pro, these new MS-RT models seamlessly blend Ford Motor Company’s renowned durability with motorsport-inspired design innovations. The launch has received huge praise across the automotive industry, with over 200 individual articles posted within the first 24 hours of the launch. The new models are available to order from Ford Pro dealers across Europe, with cars expected on the road in mid-2024.

Working closely with MS-RT’s design and legal team, Mathys & Squire prepared and filed a comprehensive set of design registrations meticulously covering various aspects of MS-RT’s innovative designs in various formats to provide a broad scope of design protection, ensuring that the distinctive features of the MS-RT vehicles remain exclusive to the brand.

Adam Gilbertson, Associate at Mathys & Squire, says:

‘For a company like MS-RT whose business and USP is all about its unique designs that transform the look of these vehicles, and which get so much attention, protecting their design IP is critical as the business continues to grow. We are delighted to be part of MS-RT’s journey and see the launch go so well.’

Carolyn Mills, Legal and Contracts Director at MS-RT, says:

‘Having the expert guidance of the Mathys & Squire team to steer us through the process and set a filing strategy has been extremely reassuring.’

Joe Pace, Managing Director at MS-RT, says:

‘Having invested a significant amount of time and money into the development these designs, we felt it was essential to protect this investment with proper design protection. Many thanks to the Mathys and Squire team for all your help with registering our designs for the MS-RT Custom and Ranger. Great work and excellent support throughout the whole project.

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