Commercialising your intellectual property

Clients expect more than just an expert patent or trade mark service. Our business and commercial focus allows us to offer much more than technical IP advice. 

We work with a number of clients, most especially in the university, public and utility sectors, to generate income from their IP assets and Mathys & Squire has been involved in a number of highly successful spin-offs and licensing deals. 

Create revenue from your intellectual property investments

Understanding the business behind our clients’ IP assets allows us to look at their portfolios in a way that creates new opportunities for them to generate income. We could introduce one client to another or to someone in our business community who needs their technology. We could identify an unexploited invention that could be commercialised through a joint venture or licensing deal. We will use our IP, negotiation skills, business intelligence and commercial acumen to find the best deal for their IP. 

We regularly conduct market and competitor research as part of our overall management of our client’s portfolios. We help our clients achieve an edge over the competition by providing guidance and practical advice, working closely with them to define their business development and IP strategy objectives. 

The commercialisation and IP licensing environment is extremely competitive. Organisations need to work efficiently and effectively to identify, evaluate and negotiate deals that create value. Working with our clients we will always look for ways in which they can gain competitive advantage through their IP and how this can be used to generate additional sources of revenue.

We know how to maximise the value of your intellectual property