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At Mathys & Squire Consulting, we recognise the importance of startups and SMEs quickly gaining market exposure and traction. Testing market interest is also vital for fundraising. We focus on the following factors to help our clients grow.

Our grow services

Business strategy

Having a coherent business strategy and an aligned IP strategy is vital for an early-stage company or SME. Without a strategy, it will be challenging both to meet your growth targets and to persuade investors to join you in this journey of growth. We assist clients in preparing their business strategy, and planning how best to utilise their assets to enable sustainable long-term growth.

Competitive intelligence

For any company, it is very difficult to make a sensible proposition to your customers without knowing the market and your competition. We investigate your technical field or particular application area and identify the main entities already active in the field, as well as newer market participants who may represent potential development partners or licensees for your business.

Licensing & transactions

As your business grows, especially in the case of IP rich companies, it is highly likely that new opportunities for licensing or other IP or business transactions will arise. Our team is highly skilled in the licensing and brokerage of intangible assets and ideally placed to provide guidance on licensing conditions, royalties, locating licensees or discussing brokerage opportunities. We also provide support in IP litigation and the determination of damages from infringement.

Innovation landscapes

We can assist you in gaining further understanding of the overall technical landscape in which you operate. By undertaking an innovation landscape analysis, we will help you identify:

  • Who are the main companies in your field?
  • In which industries and areas of application are your competitors operating (but you are not) where can your innovation be applied?
  • Which approaches are competitors using to solve key technical problems?
  • What are the geographic regions of most interest for my innovation?
  • Who are the most suitable potential development partners or licensees?
Mergers & acquisitions

If your company is about to undergo an M&A exercise, from either the buy or sell side, it is imperative that due diligence of the IP assets be undertaken. This includes ownership of the rights, but also relevance of the IP assets to the business and its revenue streams. We can help you in this process and ensure you have full understanding of the intangible assets involved in any M&A transaction. We provide clear and definite due diligence opinions, both commercial and legal, regarding the status of the IP that underpins a potential transaction.

Portfolio management

Our team of experts will assist you in putting a clear IP strategy in place, and with it, a defined process for reviewing and managing your intangible asset portfolio. We work with you to align your IP strategy with your business goals, relevance to business activities, and risk.

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