16 September 2021

Webinar: Intermediate generalisation (added matter) at the EPO

When: Thursday 16 September 2021 | 18:00 – 19:00 (BST)

Speakers: Michael Stott & Posy Drywood

This webinar will provide useful insight and practical guidance to overseas attorneys across all technology sectors, as well as providing a review of relevant EPO Board of Appeal Decisions that EP attorneys may also find helpful.

It is well known that the European Patent Office (EPO) treats issues of added matter strictly in comparison to other patent offices, particularly the USPTO. However, objections over ‘intermediate generalisation’ can often arise unexpectedly – severely restricting amendment options for applicants and significantly curtailing the scope of protection that might ultimately be achievable. Particular drafting styles (and not only those which omit multiple claim dependencies) can increase the likelihood of such objections arising.

Join Mathys & Squire partners Michael Stott and Posy Drywood for this webinar as they discuss how and why objections over intermediate generalisation arise, the arguments that are most likely to be effective when faced with them, and drafting tips and tricks that can help avoid them altogether.

This event has now passed – please click here to download a copy of the webinar.

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