20 June 2018

Where’s the beef?

A notable trend in 2017 was the increasing number of consumers turning to vegetarianism or veganism. The slaughter industry has been in the spotlight, and for some the consumption of meat has raised environmental and ethical concerns.

In a recent article, Laura Clews, Associate at Mathys & Squire, looks at the growing movement of cell-cultured meat.

Cell-cultured meat is made from a few ‘satellite’ cells, which can be taken from a muscle sample from a living animal. This breakthrough was made in 2013, and although it was a huge leap forward in science, the process was not commercially viable. The challenge now facing mFanufacturers is making the process economically viable,  and Laura looks ethical and moral issues, as well as the importance of technology and intellectual property, in this area.

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This article has since featured in New Food Magazine. 

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