23 April 2018

The Importance of Intellectual Property for your Start-up

Managing Associate Andrew White was featured in today’s Evening Standard highlighting the importance of intellectual property protection and management.

Andrew, who supports and advises a number of London’s start-ups across fields such as technology, manufacturing, engineering and IT, outlines that often intellectual property is an underused, if not an entirely forgotten about, aspect of a firm’s strategy. However when properly protected and commercialised, IP can turn a new business from zero to hero – or at the very least generate revenue and serve as a vital business development tool.

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If you have any questions about the article please email Andrew – [email protected].

Andrew White is a European Patent Attorney and a chartered UK Patent Attorney. Andrew has an active approach to engaging with London’s burgeoning start-up community. He regularly provides free support and advice to a number of start-up accelerators and incubators in the UK, discussing all aspects of IP including strategy, registered designs, agreements and licencing, as well as patents. Andrew has been commended by clients for his proactive approach and understanding of business strategy. He likes to develop long term relationships with clients and their technical teams to really understand where a business is going and how IP can be used as a tool to complement those drivers and help the business grow.