22 November 2016

Sports Merchandise and Licensing Show 2016

Laura West and Rob Hawley attended the Sports Merchandise and Licensing Show 2016 in Chelsea this November.

In a sector worth billions, Mathys & Squire understand the value of brand in the sporting industry. We work closely with our clients to protect their IP and maximise value from their investment. The trade mark team work closely with Chelsea Football Club to develop and protect its extensive portfolio. Obtaining protection is often just the first step in a long process of consistent monitoring and action, particularly for brands such as CHELSEA FC that attract a following, making them vulnerable to counterfeiting. We are required to react quickly to reported infringement of the Club’s trade marks to ensure that the company’s brand and reputation are protected. The rise of technology allows forgeries and counterfeit goods to look increasingly like the real thing. We can assist you in setting up strategic solutions for tackling these issues. Having trade marks registered and recorded is vital in this respect.

If you are interested in finding out more about the importance of IP to your business, and how you can maximise the value of your IP assets, please contact our trade mark team. For more information please click here, or take a look at our Counterfeiting and Licencing documents.