06 March 2017

Investing in Innovation

On 2nd March, a group of investors, including some notable Angel investors and VCs, attended our London offices in The Shard to engage in a roundtable discussion on the topic of ‘Investing in Innovation’. The event was hosted by two of our attorneys, Graham Spenceley and Emma Reeve, together with Westminster Business Council, and focussed on the importance of IP for Startups, and the extent to which such IP is considered to be important by those investing in Startups.

The discussion covered several aspects, including: what drives investment, how IP influences the decision-making process, how to spot an IP savvy business, and possible red flags to investors when considering investing. 

It was pleasing to learn that the investors generally do store high value in IP, and would like their Startups to have protected their IP. However, it would seem to be common ground that a challenge remains in getting the Startups to understand the importance – and value – of seeking professional IP advice to formulate a solid IP strategy, rather than simply rushing to get their product on the market as soon as possible, especially when funds are so tight in the early stages. 

We would like to thank Westminster Business Council and the investors who attended the event for an interesting and informative discussion!