22 February 2022

Government launches AI Standards Hub pilot as part of UK’s National AI Strategy

Further to the announcement of the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy in September 2021, the UK Government has now launched a pilot initiative, known as the AI Standards Hub, intended to increase UK contribution to the development of global AI technical standards. The new Hub is currently being trialled by The Alan Turing Institute, supported by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

The Hub aims to:

  • Grow UK engagement to develop global AI standards – this will be achieved by assimilating information about technical standards and development initiatives in an accessible, user-friendly and inclusive way.
  • Engage the AI community– the pilot hopes to foster a more coordinated approach to develop global AI standards by bringing together the AI community through workshops, events and a new online platform.
  • Create educational tools and guidance – focusing on education, training and professional development, the initiative aims to help businesses and other organisations engage with creating AI technical standards, and collaborate globally to develop and benefit from these standards.
  • Explore international collaboration – to ensure the development of technical standards are shaped by a wide range of AI experts, in line with shared values, the Hub seeks to explore collaboration with the similar international initiatives.

The announcement comes as new research by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and the Office for Artificial Intelligence projects that more than 1.3 million UK businesses will use AI by 2040, and spending on AI by UK businesses is expected to reach more than £200 billion by the same date, up from £63 billion in 2020.

The Government has also already launched a consultation on intellectual property (IP) and AI as part of the National AI strategy. The consultation period has now closed, and we await the publication of a formal response from the Government in due course.

You can read the full UK Government announcement about the AI Standards Hub here.