14 July 2017

Developing a Patent Strategy? Don’t Ignore China and Europe.

As part of the Israel Desks International Legal Guide 2017, Dani Kramer has provided some top tips to Israeli firms’ developing their patent strategy.

Israeli companies naturally see the U.S. as their number one priority when seeking overseas patent protection for their technology. However, Europe and China, the two other world economics of similar size, have some considerable differences in local patent practice, so an IP strategy primarily focused on the U.S might well lead to missed opportunities in these other major markets.

Dani’s article outlines the key differences to consider when protecting and enforcing IP in the U.S., China and Europe, including costs, type of protection available and enforcement. To read the article in full please click here. 

Dani Kramer heads up our Israel Practice. For further information please contact Dani at [email protected], or +44 207 830 0000.