08 February 2016

Court of Appeal confirms Fox’s ‘Glee’ TV Show Infringes on The Glee Club’s Trade Mark

A British Comedy business, Comic, has won a case brought against 20th Century Fox. A high court judge has ruled that their trade mark has been infringed by the show ‘Glee’, a global television series. 

A mark is considered to be infringing where the sign is similar to the registered mark and used for identical or similar services, and where there exists a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public. The Court of Appeal has found that there was a reasonable degree of similarity between the two, and that there was likelihood of confusion.

Comic have venues around the UK and have found that their customers confuse their business with the TV show. They argue that this has damaged their brand, business and reputation.

The decision was made on 8th February and more information regarding the consequences of the ruling are to follow.