31 January 2020

Brexit day: no change to IP protection for now

Today, 31 January 2020, the UK exits the European Union (EU). This however has no impact in practical terms on European IP rights for the time being, because after today the UK enters a transition period which is scheduled to last until 31 December 2020.

During the transition period, EU trade mark and registered design filings will continue to cover the UK. 

European patents are in any case unaffected by Brexit (even after the transition period). 

Mathys & Squire’s ability to represent its clients in the UK and Europe is not affected by Brexit (even after 31 December 2020). As a firm, we remain a European business with offices in the UK, Germany, Luxembourg and France, and we will continue to represent our clients across Europe. 

Visit our Brexit page for more details on the long-term implications of Brexit on IP rights.

As a European firm, Mathys & Squire, with offices in the UK and Europe, we are in a strong position to be able to handle both UK trade marks and designs, as well as EU Trade Mark Registrations and Registered Community Designs, and we have been working with our clients on cost-effective strategies for doing so. 

If you have any questions, please contact your usual Mathys & Squire adviser or for more information on this topic, email [email protected].