Sean Leach

Sean Leach

Sean joined Mathys and Squire in 2007. He qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2010 and a European Patent Attorney in 2011. He has experience of drafting and prosecuting European and British patent applications in a broad range of technical fields, these include computer-implemented inventions, electronics, network communications and medical devices.


Year joined:2007

Qualifications:MSci PhD CPA EPA CIPL


Sean's areas of practice include: Prosecution and drafting, providing advice on infringement and validity and EPO oral proceedings relating to examination, oppositions and appeals. His technical specialisms include: electronics, medical devices, signal processing, network communications, computer implemented inventions, analytical and metrological devices including spectrometry, interferometry, and surface contact metrology. Sean specialises in drafting applications tailored to address the sensitivities of US litigation and the restrictions of EPO prosecution whilst also dealing with the exclusions from patentability of computer programs, mathematical methods, methods of diagnosis, and methods of treatment by surgery and therapy.


Sean holds a master's degree and a PhD in physics, both from the University of Nottingham. Sean's doctorate related to MRI of the human brain and included work relating to RF and gradient sequences, passive and dynamic shimming, signal sampling schemes, and associated advanced digital signal processing (ICA/PCA, multivariate statistics, recursive time series analysis, and wavelet methods). This work also involved procedural and object oriented programming for data analysis and for data acquisition and control.

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