Graduates at Mathys & Squire

Applications for our 2023 Trainee Patent Attorney positions have now closed!

To be eligible for a position as a trainee patent attorney, you must hold a STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) of which a minimum of 80% of the core course hours must cover scientific and/or technical subjects.

Applicants interested in submitting a speculative application should send the following documents to our HR team at [email protected]:

As part of our diversity & inclusion commitment, we ask applicants to submit two versions of the required documents: ‘redacted’ and ‘original’.


These document versions must redact the following information: full name and any other reference to your name (including any listed publications), contact details, schools, and universities. Redacted documents should also remain gender neutral – i.e., should not identify your gender.

Please see attached example application for guidance.


Original versions of the documents must also be submitted. We ask for an original version for HR use only when tracking applications and contacting candidates. Please ensure that separate documents are combined and submitted as one application each for the ‘redacted’ and the ‘original’ versions in PDF or Word format.

We ask you not to send or copy emails to anyone outside the HR team as they will be copied to a central email review team so will not remain confidential.

Benefits of working at Mathys & Squire