Our work with Save the Children

Your time makes the difference to the benefit of Save the Children

At Mathys & Squire, we believe that it is our responsibility and duty to always act ethically, with integrity, and to make a positive impact. As a token of appreciation for your time with us today, we will be donating to Save the Children, a UK charity that works to make sure children are fed, learning and treated fairly.

Since its establishment in 1919, Save the Children has helped over 45 million children in 117 countries across the world. Thanks to support from over 600,000 individuals and organisations, the charity has been able to provide emergency aid during natural disasters and wars, improve many lives by supplying life-saving medicine, as well as promote policy changes to gain more rights for young people.

Mathys & Squire is committed to supporting its people, our community and the environment, which are all essential aspects of our business.

We have three core corporate social responsibility commitments: