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Tanya  Rahman

Tanya Rahman

Trainee Trade Mark Attorney

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Number of drone patents filed worldwide jumps 16% in past year

Commentary by Partner Andrew White has been featured in The Independent and The Patent Lawyer, discussing how R&D in defence, alongside agriculture and logistics, is driving innovation in drone… read more…

Patenting materials in medical devices at the EPO

Materials are important They are the stuff that new things can be made of Whether that’s a functionally coated medical implant, a particularly clear and comfortable ocular device or as part of a… read more…

Update on Mathys & Squire test case in support of open justice

Mathys & Squire filed a test case to secure public access to evidence in the Unified Patent Court (UPC) at the end of November 2023 That case was stayed, pending the UPC Court of Appeal’s… read more…