Trade mark portfolio management

Our clients with substantial portfolios have online access to their portfolio and can run bespoke reports, self-manage ongoing deadlines and closely monitor other trade mark issues.

As the value of a registered trade mark can be undermined by misuse, care must always be taken to ensure that its strength is not diluted. We offer our clients ‘best practice’ advice on the maintenance of their trade mark portfolios and the proper use of their registered trade marks (either directly or by authorised users) in order to avoid such problems arising.

We advise all of our clients to follow brand guidelines in order to ensure that they, and their licensees, use their trade marks correctly. If a brand is updated the registered mark may fall into disuse, which could affect the validity of the registration and the scope of brand owner’s rights. By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our clients we are able to ensure that their registered trade marks are current, and are being correctly used.

We offer regular reviews of our clients’ trade mark portfolios to ensure that they continue to offer the most cost-effective protection for their branding. We work together to provide regular estimates to cover on-going maintenance and proposed expansion plans, enabling our clients to budget for their future trade mark protection.

In the majority of countries, trade mark registrations are renewable every ten years. We work with our clients to ensure that all renewal dates are monitored and instructions are taken in good time before a potential expiry date.

Mathys & Squire are a highly professional organisation with the scale and breadth of capability we need to handle our global portfolio. I have found Margaret Arnott to be exceptionally diligent and good at her job. She has a good understanding not only of the trade mark areas which we work in, but also of deeply technical aspects of the technology, picking out the nuances and understanding where we fit in the marketplace. They are extremely responsive, and always proactive at sending us warnings and giving me a heads up about things I need to know so I always have a view of what is coming down the pipeline. 

Kevin O’Meara – Snell Advanced Media

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