Domain name trade marks

Domain names are a useful business tool and also valuable commercial assets that constitute an important intellectual property right. It is essential that all businesses protect their online investment with domain name trade marks. We work with our clients to enable them to successfully incorporate their domain names within their intellectual property portfolios.

We help with:

  • Freedom to use and register domain names
  • The registration of domain names
  • Operating domain name watching services for potentially conflicting domain names
  • Renewing domain name registrations
  • The assignment or licensing of domain name registrations
  • Enforcement issues and dispute resolution
  • Undertaking intellectual property / domain name registration audits
  • Formulating policies and strategies for managing and maintaining your domain name registration portfolio, and for integrating them with your trade mark portfolio.

With an increasing amount of business carried out via the internet, domain names are an integral part of our clients’ branding and most businesses have registered their key trade mark, brand or trading name as a domain name in the all the appropriate countries or regions where they may trade. 

In today’s hi-tech digital world it is common place for businesses to trade on and promote themselves through the internet

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