Upskill your team with intellectual property law training

Get access to a range of bespoke intellectual property training packages, both in person and online. Each training syllabus is tailor made for you, and uses client case studies, where appropriate, to ensure that the material covered and examples given are relevant to you and your team.

Our training covers these key focus areas:

Our training services

Commercial training

We offer bespoke commercial training on the use of IP and commercial intelligence to inform you and your business of the wider technology landscape. We show you the approaches of wider industry. Knowing what others are doing can enable you to make more informed decisions relating to:

  • IP strategy and policy
  • R&D activities
  • Long term business plans
  • Investment / fundraising strategies
  • Potential partnerships or collaborations

In our commercial training we show clients how to use this information to guide innovation, mitigate business risks and to identify routes to market for your product or service. The learnings from the training can also be used to identify investors which may facilitate market access, or development partners to improve and expedite your route to market.

Valuation training

We offer IP valuation training for both university Tech Transfer Offices (TTOs) and corporate IP departments in bespoke online and in-person packages. Our IP valuation training courses are completely bespoke and highly interactive. The goal is that each participant will understand IP valuation methodologies and be able to undertake IP valuation exercises themselves. Each syllabus is tailor-made with the client, and uses client case studies, where appropriate, to ensure that the material covered and examples given are relevant to each group. Each course covers:

  • Relevance of IP valuation and its uses
  • Types of assets to be valued
  • IP valuation methodologies
  • Key terms in valuation and what they mean
  • Valuation methodologies for different asset types and different business stages
  • Case studies and in-class exercises
  • Final exam and certificate of completion
Patent research / landscaping training

In our bespoke patent and searching training programmes, we teach our clients the importance of understanding the wider technology market and landscape, and the best tools to use depending on the requirements. This training is always commercially focused and can help participants to validate investment decisions and to justify a particular research strategy. We cover topics such as:

  • General patent searching
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) searching
  • Prior art searching
  • Patent landscaping
  • Technology market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • White space and gap analysis
Bespoke training packages

We also offer complete bespoke online and in-person training packages, covering any combination of the above topics, or additional IP related topics that the client would like covered. Provide us with an overview of what you would like covered in a course and we will develop a syllabus and course material to match, as well as developing suitable case studies and worked examples where appropriate. For example, topics covered in one of our online courses include patent searching, competitive analysis, and software licensing.

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