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Audit your intangible assets to start + sustain business growth

For early-stage companies and SMEs, it is extremely important to be aware of and audit your intangible assets, to determine how these contribute to your business and its revenues, and how they can be used to drive further growth.

Unlocking value for early-stage businesses

Our experienced and commercially focused team helps clients to unlock the value in their intangible assets, develop strategies to maximise their potential and ensure best practice is followed to keep these assets secure.

Our start + sustain services

Intangible asset audit

An intangible asset audit is an invaluable exercise for any business to undertake. When you commission us to carry out the audit, we:

  • highlight all the intellectual property and intangible assets in your business
  • deliver the audit using an interactive discovery and learning approach
  • inform you about each type of asset involves
  • provide tailored recommendations about each type as asset
  • give you an IP Strategy action plan for the coming 12 months
  • provide you with all of the above in a detailed written report

You can use the IP audit document to help you manage the business, plus as a tool to instill confidence in potential investors or grant

Best practice & policy

We advise our clients on best practice in the identification, protection and commercialisation of their intangible assets. These are aligned with their overall business strategy, while also assisting in the implementation of formalised IP/intangible asset policies or contractual agreements.

Innovation harvesting

Startups and SMEs are constantly innovating and inventing. Without a process in place, much of this innovation and associated potential new commercial opportunities, may be lost. We assist clients in implementing invention recording and innovation harvesting processes in-house. This ensures all new innovations are recorded and reviewed to ensure potential opportunities are not missed.

On-call IP management

Our clients have access to us for assistance with ad-hoc queries. As a valued client, we are available to assist and advise you on IP issues affecting your business. Where more significant help is required we will propose a separate project for this purpose.

Market explorer

Early-stage businesses require a well defined business plan to be successful. One of the important steps in developing a business plan is knowing your market, both in terms of application and also geographically. Our market explorer service provides an initial indication of main application areas or industries which you should target as well as the main geographies where your product or service might gain most traction.

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